What We Do?

As a full fledged Event management Company, Red Carrpet Events understands the need of the corporate companies to communicate with the external public. So keeping in mind, this requirement, Red Carrpet Events plans corporate shows such as product launches, dealer meets, conferences, exhibitions etc. providing all the services under the same roof.

Team building, leadership quality, and different management skills are what most corporate companies are concerned about. Driven by a motive to maximize the out-put from the employees, corporate events are planned to hone these skills of their employees. Indoor and outdoor corporate events are designed in a way that is entertaining as well as rewarding for learning experiences. Red Carrpet Events offers packages which enhance such team building & managing skills

For a company that puts a premium on ideas, an open and natural setting is preferred to trigger off creative ideas. Music has always been the life of any event. Corporate events are no exception. A manager who is known for his tough exterior can lead his executives to have a glimpse of his humane side by the choice of songs to be played by the DJ in a corporate party. Live music entertainment is also the central theme of many corporate events. At Red Carrpet Events, we believe in using intelligent strategy combined with creativity, knowledge & experience to get your message across & motive fulfilled

Why Red Carrpet?

We believe to make a mark in everything we do and making a No.1 mark in our passion.Red Carrpet Events has always had its style & class for its deliverables regardless of the budget

From indication to execution with a client based and customized with a complete auro of passion. Red Carrpet Events team plans every single detail for flawless perfections, thus winning wonderful testimonials & wondrous long term relationship with our clients. We commit ourselves to create enchanting memories with long lasting impression. Hence Red Carrpet got the name as Best wedding planner in Pondicherry.

We are so glad to have put up a wide smile on their faces and to have turned their dreams into a picture perfect reality.

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MR. Ramesh - CEO

Excellent decoration. You and your team proved innovative skill with great imagination and timely execution .appreciated by all guests. Big thanks.

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